Academic Activities

Academic Activities

The fundamentals of academic activities are research. Summary and details of his research work are given on the pages of “Who is OKADA?” and “Publications”, respectively. This page shows his activities not given there, of which it is characteristic to be forerunning and cosmopolitan. The activities are divided into the following five categories:

     Organization of conferences
     Research projects


Univ_Warsaw・ Keynote speech: Recent Trends of Information Technology in Social Life of Japan (ppt 4.4MB)
     The 10th Intern’l Conf. EAJS (European Association for Japanese Studies), Warsaw, Poland, Aug. 2003
   * The conference celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of EAJS

・ Keynote speech: Steps towards Integrated Intelligence (ppt 0.26MB)
     The 6th Conf. of the Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics (PACLING), Halifax, Canada, Aug. 2003

Corfu_Is・ Special speech: Towards Affective Integration of Vision, Behavior, and Speech Processing
     The 7th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Corfu, Greece, Sept.1999

・ Special speech,AESOPWORLD: An Integrated System for Intellectual Emotional Agents
     The 8th Ireland Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Sept. 1997

・ Keynote speech: Systematization of Knowledge Science and its Curriculum
     Annual Convention of the Council of the Departments of Information Science and Engineering, Ohtsu, July 1994

・ Special speech: Story Comprehension and Situation Grasp
     Symp. Understanding Spoken Dialog, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 1993

・ Keynote Speech: AESOPWORLD: Simulation of a Robot with Intelligence and Emotion
     The Annual Convention of the CAI(Computer-Assisted Instruction) Society, Iizuka, Japan, Aug. 1992

・ Special speech,A Computer Simulation of the Human Processes of Recognition, Thinking, Behavior and Utterance
     Intern’l Symp. Knowledge Information and Intelligent Communications, Nagoya, Japan, Nov.1989

Organization of conferences

Some of conferences organized by himself or with his colleagues to bring pleasant memories are shown.

・ Organizer: Pan-Yellow-Sea Intern’l Workshop on Information Technologies for Network Era
     Saga, Japan, Mar.2002
     * The workshop that Kyushu Branch of the Information Processing Society celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its foundation

・ Organizer: The 5th Conf. PACLING
     Kitakyushu, Japan, Sept. 2001

・ Organizer: Workshop on Thought and Language
     Iizuka, Japan, Sept. 1997

・ Coorganizers (Yorick Wilks and Naoyuki Okada): Language and Vision Workshop
     Las Cruces, USA , Dec.1991
     * The first workshop at which Japanese and American distinguished researchers, ten each, discussed processing of multimedia, especially language and vision to bring fruitful results

・ Organizer: The 2nd Japan-Australia Joint Symposium of Natural Language Processing
     Iizuka, Japan, Oct.1991

Univ_Melbourne・ Coorganizers (Roland Sussex and Naoyuki Okada): The 1st Japan-Australia Joint Symp. of Natural Lang. Process.
     * This joint symposium gave a chance to the Pacific Rim countries to promote academic exchanges across the equator in the era when most Japanese researchers of natural language processing pay attention only to Europe or USA. It grew to PACLING later.

・ Organizer: Panel Discussion on Natural Language Understanding and Mental Models
     The Annual Convention of Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Yokohama, Japan, Sept. 1989

・ Organizer: Special Symp. Models for Understanding Language, Speech and Pattern
     the Annual Convention of IEICE, Tokyo, Japan, Mar. 1989


He makes effort for international propaganda of AI research and education.

・ Guest editor: Special Issue on Trends and Engineering Applications of Emotion
     Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems, 2000−2001

・ Editor, Affective Minds
     Elsevier, 1999−2000
     * The 13th international conference by Toyota's mecenat

AI_review・ Editor: Artificial Intelligence Review
     Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997−Present

・ Consultant Editor: Pragmatics and Cognition
     John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1991−1997


  The activities closely concerned him in his AI research are shown.

PACLING: Pacific Association for Computational LINGuistics

Let us describe PACLING a little at first.

・ Aim
     PACLING will be a low-profile, high-quality, workshop-oriented meeting whose aim is to promote friendly scientific relations among Pacific Rim countries, with emphasis on interdisciplinary scientific exchange demonstrating openness towards original, fresh, and/or useful research including those which might sometimes fall outside current dominant "school of thought", and technological transfer within Pacific region. The conference is smaller than ACL, COLING, or IJCNLP, but opens the door to the Global as well as the Pacific.

・ History
     * The 1st organizing committee 1991−1993
     Naoyuki Okada, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
     Christian Matthiessen,University of Sydney, Australia
     Nick Cercone,University of Regina, Canada
     Yorick Wilks,New Mexico State University, USA
     * Progress History of PACLING (ppt 0.2MB)

  He served PACLING as follows:
     ・ Founder 1991
     ・ President 1991−2001
     ・ Advisor, 2001−Present

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) of Japan

Fellow 2000
     * It is his honor that he is one of the first prizewinners after IEICE established the fellow system.
     ・ Chair: Technical Committee of Thought and Language 1996−1998
     ・ Chair: Technical Committee of Language Comprehension and Communications 1988−1990
     ・ Reviewer of papers 1977−1983
     ・ Member 1965−Present

Information Processing Society (IPS) of Japan

・ Fellow 2003
     * This is the third year after the establishment of the fellow system.
     ・ Special member of the board of paper 2001−2002
     ・ Head, Kyushu Branch 2000−2001
     ・ Reviewer of papers 1986−1990
     ・ Member 1986−Present

Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)

 ・ Program chair of the annual convention 1992−1993
     ・ Director 2000−2002
     ・ Trustee 1986−1990, 1994−1998
     ・ Member 1986−Present

Japan Federation of Engineering Societies(JFES)

・  Fellow 2009
     * It is his honor that he is one of the first prizewinners after JFES established the fellow system.

Research projects

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Specific/Priority Areas

He joined the following projects by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture:

     ・ Spoken Dialog, Supervising/Scheduled group 1993−1996
     ・ Knowledge Science, Applicant group 1991−1994
     ・ Intelligent Information and Communications, Scheduled group 1988−1991
     ・ Information Processing of Language, Scheduled group 1988−1991
     ・ Multi-Modal Information of Knowledge, Applicant group 1984−1987
     ・ Language Life, Applicant group 1977−1980



・ MULTRAN: MULti-media TRANslator

* A research project on “Understanding, Generation and Transformation of Multi-media” formed by Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of KIT in collaboration with related three universities, e.g. University of Kyushu and six research centers, e.g. Automatic Translation Research Center. It had hot discussions to develop active research work, holding not only meetings at KIT every month but also an international conference in Tokyo every year to which distinguished foreign researchers are invited.